Free Mini-Marriage Workshop
How to thrive in your marriage and love 
your spouse more deeply than ever before

Do you find yourself thinking things like...

"I feel like we're just two different people these days..."

"We used to connect all the time, now it's like we hardly know each other..."

"We know we could be doing better, but don't know where to start..."

"It's hard to live a genuine Catholic marriage when the culture is so against it..."
If you've been craving deeper connection, richer intimacy, and powerful meaning in your marriage...
Join Dr. Greg Bottaro for his crash course in foundational marriage techniques and mindset. Dr. Bottaro integrates Catholic theology with psychological research and his clinical experience with marriage therapy.
Dr. Greg Bottaro, PSY.D.
Meet your instructor...
Dr. Greg Bottaro is a Catholic Psychologist and founder of the CatholicPsych Institute. He formed the CatholicPsych Institute to connect Catholics around the world with therapists trained to integrate the faith with the practice. 

Before getting his doctorate, he spent four years living as a Franciscan Friar, under the mentorship of Fr. Benedict Groeschel. This experience helped him form a spirituality based on Abandonment to Divine Providence which he now applies to psychological principles in his practice. 

He works closely with the Archdiocese of New York as well as other dioceses and religious communities on program development, various retreats for married couples, and consultation for Archdiocesan endeavors.
In this course, you'll learn:
What it means to be “counter-cultural” and why that matters for your marriage.
What the 5 love languages are and why they are vital for relationship health.
How to deeply connect with your spouse on an emotional level.
How men and women’s brains differ and what it means for marriage.
The secret about arguing and how to do it right.
Join hundreds of other Catholic couples 
on the journey to a deeper relationship.

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